The Benefits of Indian Head Massage

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The Effects and Benefits on the Body

Indian Head Massage helps to reduce the symptoms of tension by relaxing the muscles and alleviating emotional strain. It stimulates the circulatory system and can help to restore temporary hair loss associated with hormonal changes and stress. Indian Head Massage stimulates the body and mind and helps to restore a sense of well-being. It can help to clear the mind making the client feel refreshed, restore homeostasis and aid sleep, one of nature’s best stress cures.

Another benefit of Indian Head Massage is the effect it has on the hair. It nourishes the hair as it stimulates the production of the body’s natural oils giving the hair a healthy ‘shine’. Oils can be used during the massage to further encourage the nourishment of the hair.

Conditions that benefit from Indian Head Massage

There are many conditions that benefit from Indian Head Massage. As the treatment improves circulation it helps to remove waste, particularly lactic acid, from muscles therefore relieving tension headaches, eye strain and muscle aches in the neck and shoulders. It also relieves Tinnitus and other ear problems. Neck and shoulder stiffness which is usually a result of stress is reduced and a sense of well-being restored which promotes restful sleep. Indian Head Massage can help to eliminate Insomnia, reduce the effects of mental tiredness, anxiety, stress and tension in the scalp. Sinusitis and congestion are greatly reduced by the effects of Indian Head Massage as it helps to drain away excess fluid.

How Indian Head Massage can relieve Stress Related Conditions

Indian Head Massage can relieve stress related conditions due to the fact that it increases circulation, promotes well-being and helps restore homeostasis. It increases circulation which in turn, helps to deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to the body. It promotes lymphatic drainage which assists in waste and toxin removal. Indian Head Massage relieves tension in muscle tissue and relaxes the muscles particularly in the scalp, neck and shoulders therefore improving mobility and relieving tension and boosts the immune system.

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