Looking after yourself…….

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Looking after yourself……..

I’ve struggled with looking after myself for many years…… Oh yes, I’ll do that for myself once I’ve done this for someone else. Oh and I’ll just finish this before I sit down for a cup of tea that never happens! I’ll just finish this housework before I go to the gym or for a run…..

Does this sound familiar?

Are you ready to change that? I am!

I joined a success group last year, Bigger Brighter Bolder and they encourage you to set goals for the year that you break down into quarter goals, month goals and two-weekly commitment goals. After completing my first year with them, it became very clear that I wasn’t very good at looking after myself and spent far too much time trying to make everyone else happy before I thought of myself.

This year I intend to change that, with a ‘Me First’ approach to my goals. I have included exercise, healthy eating and massage (lots of it) to help me find myself again and learn to take care of ‘me’ a lot more than I have done previously.

I am taking the ‘no guilt’ approach and making sure that I book all my fitness sessions into my diary as well as massages and plenty of sleep! I can’t tell you what a difference it is making. I actually get more done, feel heaps better and I am totally enjoying having a bit of time to myself!

Massage has many benefits; it reduces stress, relieves muscle tension, improves circulation, induces sleep, helps with weight loss and gives you time away from everyday life to mention just a few. If you’re feeling a bit under the weather and like you don’t ever have time for yourself. Make that time now and get yourself a massage. In fact, book one in every month as a minimum to maintain the stress-free life with less muscle tension and better sleep.

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Are you ready to make that change?

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