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Hollywood waxing whilst a taboo and sometimes an awkward subject for some, has become very popular for others. We are doing more and more intimate waxing treatments and see new clients on a regular basis. So let’s talk about why we do it.

Firstly, intimate waxing is very hygienic and has a clean feeling in particular during menstruation. Secondly, waxing is better than shaving and epilating as it removes the hair from the roots. Therefore minimising the occurrence of ingrown hairs and avoiding the uncomfortable itching with the re-growth that is so common after shaving. Finally, others choose Hollywood waxing for more personal and intimate reasons especially after the blockbuster movie 50 Shades of Grey!

Intimate waxing is not as painful as most people believe especially with the use of the beautiful Lycon Wax. Formulated in Australia it is an extremely popular wax and after the Hollywood waxing treatment has been completed clients will leave the salon without any painful, sore or uncomfortable feelings. The wax is easy to use for the therapist too and as it doesn’t stick to the skin during the treatment clients are left with beautifully soft skin and will leave the salon without knowing they’ve even been waxed apart from the lack of hair!

How we do the intimate waxing….. clients are asked to remove all clothing below the waist and are provided with baby wipes to cleanse the area if necessary. They are also provided with a towel to cover themselves whilst waiting for the therapist to wash their hands. Once the therapist begins the treatment clients are asked to placed their legs in the same place as when having a smear test. The area is prepped using cleaning lotion and followed by pre waxing oil which helps to prevent the wax sticking to the skin. The wax is then applied in various areas and removed once ready with a fast pulling action for minimal discomfort. Once the main area is complete the client is asked to hold their legs up to their chest like when doing a tuck jump in order to carry out waxing to the anal area. When all the hair has been removed for the Hollywood Wax the area is once again cleansed and after care lotion is applied to sooth the area.

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