The History of Indian Head Massage

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Unlike many other healing traditions, Indian Head Massage is as widely practiced today as it was thousands of years ago. It has origins in Ayurveda, an ancient medical text that prescribed the use of massage and one of the oldest healthcare systems in the world. It is of course, traditionally practiced by the people of India and the skill of Indian Head Massage has been passed down from parents to children through the generations with each family and generation adopting their own unique way of performing the massage. The massage is performed on babies and at around age six children are encouraged to massage others so that they may learn the skills of Indian Head Massage.

Traditionally, Indian Head Massage was used as part of a grooming ritual for both men and women. A visit to the barber’s would incorporate a stimulating head massage known as ‘champi’ and the barbers would pass the skills of massage on to their sons. Mothers would use Indian Head Massage to promote strong and healthy hair growth in their children and would pass the skills of massage on to their daughters. In Indian culture it is expected that the masseur and the recipient should be of the same sex.

Indian families use massage on a daily basis and from an early age children are taught to give head massage in order that each family member could both give and receive treatment. It is used for relaxation and healing and to maintain contact therefore reducing stress. It is seen as an important part of Indian culture and they make the time to ensure that all members of the family receive an Indian Head Massage on a regular basis.

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  1. When I need to unwind I find that a good Indian Head Massage is by far the best way to do it. Massaging the body is great, but it’s the mind that needs unwinding and Indian head massage really hits the spot !

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